Amy of Darkness

Page #1006: 1006

Of course, normally Yiska doesn't care if someone gets a peek of her undies, but that's when it's on her own terms. The difference between a skimpy bikini and getting caught in a state of undress (which may be covering more than the bikini did!) may seem superficially ridiculous to be embarrassed of the latter but not the former, but it's all context, of course. Even the flirtiest girl is not going to be flattered by being spied on or stalked. (we already kinda know her feelings on the latter!)

I'm sure it seems weird that while she is upset about Daray possibly peeking in on her private life, we as an audience are doing that very thing. Duuuuude, whoa! :P
 However, unlike fanservice, I want someone to feel a twinge of guilt for looking. If this WERE fanservice, she would have just stripped and been covered by conveniently placed objects, Since I want character actions to forge the plot, there's just an unbuttoned shirt. She's trying to unwind and acting the way any other other person wearing a stuffy formal blouse would.

My point is, I don't like when it's obvious a character is on display for the audience and the plot goes in directions only to serve audience gratification, and I mean this in stories WITH a plot. I'm not gonna go out of my way to pick on comics where audience gratification is the only goal, even if that's not my thing.

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