Amy of Darkness

Page #1040: Hug It Out

Yes Yiska has read a lot of manga, particularly shonen manga that's all about fighting and intense friendship, because Poldi got her into it. :D (He is the tall alp that works with her in the Dream Division of the Bureau and was with her at the party.) She absolutely has a good cry at emotional stuff like this! Good job boys, your life is now Yiska's soap opera! (◕ ᵕ ◕)

What Zeno says isn't necessarily a call back to what Charby says to Victor, since he wasn't there for that moment. But knowing Charby, that isn't the first time he's said it! (And he says friends, not brothers!) Charby certainly considers Victor to be as a brother, but probably didn't think of Zeno or even Menu quite that way before. ╮(─▽─)╭