Amy of Darkness

Page #1051: Your Reputation Precedes You

There it is finally, another reveal I've been waiting to get to forever! How did Elven royalty end up seeming so down on his luck? Tracking his sister down, doing detective work? And how did nobody else recognize him at the party, one might wonder! Oh you bet there's good reasons, and we'll find out more about that now that it's out in the open. There's also a good reason he didn't recognize Samrick and has such a poor opinion of him. Sammy pretty much said it right here though, Sadick spent a lot of time in Eldenlon and not so much in the other Kingdoms. But he's traveled quite a long way from Elf lands, so Samrick isn't entirely out of line scolding him for his narrow vision of the world they inhabit...
Speaking of the world, glad youse seemed to like Biscuits! Biscuits is a Deloran, I'll probably fill out their species details soon-ish!