Amy of Darkness

Page #1081: Troll Follower

I really wish that pictures would load in my author's notes on this site (I've tried! And since all info I've found pertaining to the issue is several years old and without a solid answer from anyone!) But here's a relevant picture so you can take a guess which one of these is Gramston and which are the "mice"! (Which first appear on pages 984-985 and the excerpt is zoomed in from page 995 so they were trailing him for a while!)

Now what could these guys possibly want...

Troll's thick accent may be hard to understand but Kavonn has been around for a while so he has a good ear for it. Daray's probably feeling a little lost though, which is why he doesn't perk up immediately with the mention of a "red scorpo-cat" until she actually wanders onto the scene :D