Amy of Darkness

Page #110: Gruesome Spectacles

Don't encourage that!!
Such colorful language, Zeno! Charby approves, he thinks that's a perfectly acceptable response, because that's what he does when he's upset. He's not harming himself this time, and that's what counts.

I'm sure some of the bilingual readers can recognize what's censored there, I've been looking a lot into how people who speak more than one language handle different situations where they may lapse into their first language, and it was generally agreed that swearing is that point where anything goes! Despite the fact that I don't personally swear, I find it fascinating and love to research the different curses that other regions use.

Continuing on the subject of multilingual characters, usually if someone peppers a first language word in their second language during casual conversation, it's on purpose, and certainly not going to be every other word! The structures of different language must be considered, and a big mistake people make is dropping in words at random that break that structure in an effort to demonstrate this character comes from another culture. Tony may say "und" instead of "and" or mine/mein because they're close enough, for example, and besides, he basically taught himself to speak English. But Zeno isn't going to say "y" instead of "and" when talking to someone in English, they sound too different. But he will drop a word like "amigo" in there once in a while just for emphasis. According to what I've read, at least, getting caught by surprise is when one may react in their first language's favored interjections, but sometimes it's 50/50 especially if one becomes more accustomed to their second language. Rule of thumb in general is don't go overboard or it gets obnoxious!

As for the glasses? He couldn't know if they are the same pair or not, but glasses like these haunt his worst nightmares. Just like the machines, not just any pair of glasses are going to make him lose his temper, as he didn't react to Blaine's (though teen Blaine's are both larger and have thinner, black frames whereas these have amber-brown translucent frames).