Amy of Darkness

Page #1102: Sharp-Edged Wit

Ha, what a cut-up! Never a dull moment with Maro.

I figured it was about time we got around to a parent figure who is actually a good parent! Maro tells dad jokes because he is one, a proud papa of 2 little Skzzldrix. I'm not sure if you all noticed Sadick giving a particularly stiff handshake to Maro on the previous page, seems he's a little reluctant after his previous encounters with Skzzldrix not ending up so well, and you bet if there's bad-mouthing about Demons in Eldenlon, the non-Demon citizens that live there also get caught in the same stereotypical muck. Oh yeah, and speaking of, the two boys on the road are heading toward Skzzldrixia... we'll get to know all about them very soon!