Amy of Darkness

Page #1107: You Win Some, You Loot Some

Rosebud tried her best, but it was too little too late. Some have observed that her eyes are different from the others, that is because the other Rose Sisters are younger! As they grow they start to lose some of their more fiendish traits like the big reflective eyes, and start to look more... well, approachable! Adult Orycalopes all have eyes closer to Rosebud and Rosey (Rosewood's are on their way but she covers them constantly!) but she's nowhere near becoming an adult yet, these are all still very young kids (hence some silly notions about some random butterfly being Jozk's soul.) As they age they become a tad more mild-mannered... though the ladies don't become QUITE as chill as the guys, who were easy pickings when the Vampires arrived. Of course, we will find out more about them when it becomes more heavily relevant in a certain someone's story arc. Several certain someones, actually!

Our soul-stealer is a special guest! Snake-Arm Susan the Skzzldrix! That's not her real name of course, but she showed up in an RP as a random encounter and my character polymorphed her gun arm into a harmless garter snake. Originally this was just going to be any random Skzzldrix, but I thought it'd be amusing (to like, 2 other people!) to have someone from the campaign rogue's gallery show up instead. And since I'm sharing odd facts, she did in fact vertical-leap onto that branch when she heard Rosebud loudly announcing her presence! Skzzldrix are very good leapers, and their hearing is about as good as an Orycalopes.