Amy of Darkness

Page #116: Now Leaving Kellwood

Wow it's been a while since an update, so here you go. I'm really struggling with getting things done lately... I've got tons pencilled out but lately I'm just not having it easy with the inking phase. It was so nice when I had a buffer but now I'm just juggling things and keep dropping the ball!

Anyway, now we have another name to add to the mysterious entity list! With ReVamped, all pretense is just dropped. These things have been a part of the lore since the start (though refined through the years as I became a bit of a better writer and with my beloved Nick's helpful feedback) and with me sort of cutting the nonsense down a little, there's room to actually get into these things instead of just flirting with it from time to time. We're just out with it now-- hunters like John, Vic, and others we'll meet later, got the power-- the familiar essence that a certain other character sensed--from a being known as Ixia.
When John talks about sustaining the both of them, he doesn't mean that either of them are at risk of dying or losing their power permanently. Ixians can draw on each other when they use their power but it shouldn't HURT them. Vic poses a problem in that from his mother's side, he inherited something that is actively trying to eject his Ixian essence out, and it is transferring to the most powerful wielder, and the one he has the closest bond with-- his grandfather. John is fully awakened to his abilities, he knows what he has to do.
There's a lot more to say here, but like always it's probably best to get the info from the comic as we progress through this story! But there's a few things we have yet to fully understand about Kellwood itself that will answer all of the questions that have been asked about this situation and why certain decisions were made!

And now...Ixia? I wonder what she's up to these days... Oh...