Amy of Darkness

Page #120: The Forest From The Trees

This is before internet search engines, so of course they are going to use pop-culture to attempt to describe magically warped spacetime strangeness. Menu hasn't been too far into the forest, so he likely has a similar impression to Tony--and a good portion of audience for a while-- that it's just a big stretch of woods with a few creatures wandering around hiding from people. Menu figures there's maybe a few more folk like Zeno (since he saw one), some other werewolves (obviously) and of course vampires, maybe a few more large monsters like the bear and whatever crawled out of the pit. Tony has only been in this portion of Kellwood since autumn started, so he hasn't been super motivated to go out in the cold and bumble around in the woods for this hidden world Charby is telling him exists. He said it himself, he's more of a city guy. He's expecting that if they're there, he will just see them in the yard one day.