Amy of Darkness

Page #122: Illicit Goods

We finally learn this cat guy's name! As for the buyer, she's an old character design, whom we may be seeing elsewhere at some time...Technically, selling Fiend's Essence is illegal! Especially when we find out what that actually is. There's so much I have to withhold just blurting out! (◔ᗜ◔)
As a little reminder to longtime readers; ReVamped is not intended to be a retcon, it's a reintroduction to the story with better establishment of characters, locations, lore and all that, based on content I initially cut out (but with the years of experience in between to improve what was there, if anything is getting retconned it's stuff you've never seen!) Except in the most extreme cases, no major changes are intended for how things play out (except for of course better art and in some cases better pacing/dialogue) considering this comic is very self-referential especially past the cutoff point. We've just not fully arrived at familiar territory yet- the old web version skipped most of the 90's and went right into the 2000s! We're getting into a story now that was once a one-shot that sadly disappeared with a stack of other old comics (like Samrick's first appearance) but it will play out just a tad bit longer than the one from 2002 did. (⛯ᗜ⛯)