Amy of Darkness

Page #124: A Fiend In Need

Seems like a bad idea, Menulis!
Sorry for the incredibly long wait for a new page, things have been not going so smoothly and the stress has been a big distraction! I have a small buffer on ReVamped now though, but not enough to even possibly consider a solid schedule again. I don't want to give the impression I'm sitting around doing nothing and moping while depressed-- I'm still working on a lot of things that still need finished and Nick as always has been a major help and support for me even while the same things are stressing him out too! Also I need to better train my workroom cat, Weiss. He has recently gotten the idea that it is fine for him to walk across my keyboards, closing programs and deleting layers from my work and restarting my computer. (⇀﹏↼)