Amy of Darkness

Page #125: Neon Demon

He's dressed for chaos! (because that's the chaos symbol, in case anyone was worried!) So yes, this is Menu's idea of "coolness" made manifest. Obviously my inspiration for him is a 90's/late 80's pastiche, one of the bigger influences on his design is the Burger King Kid's Club mascot "Kid Vid" (for the shades) and the shirt I based on what was quite possibly the laziest Halloween costume I'd seen in person at a store: a beanie with horns (patched on, not 3d) and a shirt with the chaos symbol and the words "chaos demon" on it. That was it! I can't say that inspired this character the first time he was in the comic as it'd be years later when I saw that costume, but it helped in his redesign. Yes, I had to redesign by necessity because the comics he appeared in disappeared along with a lot of early stuff like Samrick's first appearance.