Amy of Darkness

Page #48: Fawning Over Food

He's revealed his other weakness: adorable animals! I personally think chickens can be adorable too, but like most people, Charby rationalizes his taste for chicken by not thinking of them as cute.

And I swear, I like deer more than my comic would imply! They just happen to be an abundant, large prey animal in Kellwood, and even here I see them on the side of the road or their carcasses in the woods munched up by coyotes so while I wouldn't say I'm entirely desensitized... I just have a lot of reference is all!

I *almost* stepped on a fawn once, because I had the camera and was interested in a rock up ahead that I thought was a millstone because we were near a quarry. I nearly fell on my butt because the thing blasted out of the leaves so fast and I didn't see what it was, just a brown blur! I felt so bad for scaring it but Nick was laughing at me because he thought I saw it! (θ ヮθ) And it wasn't a millstone, but there was one nearby! Also, I saw one real up close (a fawn that is!) when we were walking around our neighborhood at night, it was up on a hill garden that had a short wall and a slope leading to the sidewalk, just sitting there like that and staring, so we moved along so it could run off. Those two encounters inspired this particular page!