Amy of Darkness

Page #58: Vampire Face-Off

Threaten a werewolf's friend and he'll bite your head off for it!
Here we find out that a werewolf can survive some pretty nasty poison, since it's silver that affects the werewolf most effectively. It can still give him a nasty tummy ache in the process though, but he'll get over it.

And thus ends the saga of condescending dillweed Darkblood Moonshade Shadowsnake! (Totally not made up name) I'll bring up though something I mentioned in a question I answered on the previous page, this guy has already gotten a small upgrade in the past so he thought he might be a little more threatening. Charby and Menu are pretty clueless about upgrades and had no idea this guy was anything other than a run of the mill vampire, and could possibly have put up a fight if he hadn't been caught completely off guard. He was so important though! He had his own "coven" and everything! õ︻õ

Spawned vampires are easy to identify as they have rounded ears and sometimes glasses or scars. They are a paler, fangy-er version of what they were in life (none of this becoming suddenly beautiful business to attract humans to them!) But wait, a new reader might ask, is not our title character spawned? Well, longtime readers, don't spoil it! (⇀‿◕)