Amy of Darkness

Page #71: Past Demons, Part 2

I figured we saw enough of Zeno's experience with the scientists through his nightmare about it! But here's an actual good look at the elves (shhhh!) that took care of Zeno after his time in captivity. Well, I think it's fair to mention that stuff that was covered rather sloppily by me in the old archives is going through some changes! I'm not a fan of retcons, but to be fair the old archive WAS a retcon of something that came before it. I actually had a lot of stuff cut out that was in Zeno's origin which I did in a booklet-style comic (goodness knows where that thing went though along with a bunch of old comics before I started putting them in a folder!) but since both the crossovers I did aren't quite canon*, when we get to events I sorta wedged in there sideways, things are going to play out a bit differently though the end result will be the same since they played loosely on key elements in the original story. It's simply not tenable to redraw the crossovers for comics that are no longer actively updating, and on top of that it was really a Drunk Duck community thing (which is why I left them out of the archive gallery here!) Plus it's not fair to link my new art to their old art when they've improved a lot since then, too!

*ReVamped is the director's cut! Youse old readers will recall how there's no major story arcs until a few hundred pages in? I was being ridiculous and skipped them over because I thought no one would care and made a rush just to get to the "cool" characters and cut out their introductory arcs like this one. Booooo! And of course they didn't go EXACTLY the way they are going to be in ReVamped, I'm arguably a better writer now than I was when I started... and of course some of the one-shots will still be here so don't worry about that!