Amy of Darkness

Page #88: Fragile Masculinity

Well, maybe he feels a LITTLE bad about making Zeno sensitive about his "manliness" level... and yes he did pick out the Randy Savage shirt because of Tony's "that reminds me" comment on the previous page. The shirt was once Menu's, but he didn't wanna rip off the sleeves (as he does) so he let Zeno have it. I don't think it'll come as a surprise to longtime readers that Menu is a fan of wrestling! Zeno doesn't know who is on the shirt though as they're just now getting the TV since his moving in. Tony does though, I guarantee he has snapped into many, many Slim Jims in his time. OH YEAAAH!
And for any possible new readers coming through who don't know what an Alp is, here's a shortened description. They come from Germany, they are considered a variety of dark Elf (Alp or its alternate spelling Alb literally means Elf ) which torments people in their sleep by either causing nightmares, paralyzing and slowly asphyxiating someone by sitting on their chest and becoming heavier, doing a combo of both, and even occasionally possession (and blood drinking only because they are very fond of milk and expecting that, you can take a good guess where they bite!) And the BEST thing about them: they can shapeshift into many forms, but with a hat. The hat is always visible (except when they are mist or completely invisible) when they turn into a corporeal being, such as a butterfly, cat, dog, horse, rat, snake, pig, or any other variety of small to medium sized animal. You can see their Tarnkappe (a magic hat) in all these "disguises". There's more, but we'll learn more as we go so I won't give everything away here!