Amy of Darkness

Page #89: Escapism

Zeno is aware of television, but he has little idea about the concept of broadcast schedules and seasons. In his mind, you can just control what you watch with the remote! He still has a lot to learn. Like Menu when he first showed up, he also doesn't know how to read yet (he asked what his shirt said though!) since he was afforded little opportunity to learn, being the village outcast and all.
Going back to broadcast schedules, I even did research for this! Charby's right, there's only two things on TV at 7 am in the mid 90's, and that's all the morning news and talk or Bobby's World, (I'd link you the intro but all of them have unskippable ads õ︹õ ) It was really the only cartoon on network TV in the morning during the weekdays for the longest time! I dunno Charby, considering the kind of show BW was, if you're concerned about something setting him off you might just stick with the boring morning shows... but the medication just might be helping a bit?