Comics Delayed

I'm sure by now you all realize there hasn't been an update this week for ReVamped or the ongoing CTV and HTBM, sadly it is because my work computer broke for some strange and mysterious reason on Saturday, and we've been working all week to try and recover things. I'll be in a dire situation if things can't be recovered, but I'll try my hardest to pick up the slack. We're holding onto hope that it will be a mere restoration of lost brushes and swatches and not a loss of everything I've been working on for several years. This is a puzzling situation to say the least since that work computer is offline, and well maintained besides, and not even that old. My online computer is a laptop whose monitor looks like coffee was spilled all over the screen we've had for MUCH longer, and it is plugging along just fine! How frustrating! (θ﹏θ)

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