October news!

Wooo yeah it's Halloween season! ✧゚・:* ヽ(◕ε◕)ノ*:・゚✧
The latest news: FINALLY got the new computer after a false start (having had to return the first one!) and it's working out perfectly! Had to wrangle a little with reinstalling some of my programs thanks to having a license registered on a now-dead computer (uuugh, licenses!) and I'm sooo glad to have my old wacom 4 attached again because while the bamboo wasn't so bad I sorely missed having a tablet mouse to give my fingers a break once in a while (especially when I'm opening files and adding the text). I'm playing catch-up still with all 3 of the comics, had a minor setback as kittens have intruded upon our domain and they can be distracting to say the least (especially when they try to cram themselves behind your monitor and are dumping all your stuff onto the floor). I'm working hard as usual though!



Time to get SPOOKY
Haha, glad your new computer is working out! Technology struggles are the worst kind of struggle. KITTENS THOUGH, that sounds fun!!

Razzy Jazz

hey do you still use your tumblr account? I deleted my previous one and forgot what your tumblr address was so i haven't been able to look you up to re-follow! on my new account

Amy of Darkness

Yes indeed! I have two now my old one is: http://amy-of-darkness.tumblr.com/ and the new one for reblogging http://alppirate.tumblr.com/

Razzy Jazz

awesome thank you! i like keeping up with all the behind the scenes stuff too (:

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