Summer News!

Dang i keep forgetting to update this newsfeed!
I probably should have used it to mention that the reason for long waits/delays was last month my cat bit me and I had to put things on hold to heal up! Now things are scarring over nicely so I'm playing catch-up on the comics themselves plus content for Patreon patrons. I'm working on a great deal of exclusive lore and content for you friends! :D
This summer has been far too cold for my tastes so far, where's the heat!? It's all going where it doesn't belong, bring it over here! ლ(╹◡╹ლ)



So glad everything's healing up, can't wait for more comic action! c:
Also here, take some of the heat New Jersey's been getting. TAKE IT!!

Razzy Jazz

A little waiting never hurt anyone, for example, sorry I'm 2 months late commenting on this ;)

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