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I neglect to post news when I really ought to do that more often! I get more spam replies here than actual ones so I never know if anyone actually looks at this part of the site.
Guess what's updating again? Here There Be Monsters is back!

Speaking of spams though, just cleared out about a thousand spam accounts, and deepest apologies if any of those happened to be legit accounts (you can easily sign back up with the same email, I know this for a fact because the same bots keep coming back!) and let me know you're there. I don't mean to pressure anyone but leaving a single comment helps me greatly in knowing if you're a real account or not. Deleting bot accounts is tedious work and the bots never stop, so they tend to pile up if I forget to clear it out. I always try to check accounts that seem like they might be real, but some do go the extra mile to seem convincing, like they are pulling info from other sites to make their profile, but i can tell a bot when I see where their signature links to.But I may possibly make mistakes and may see a pattern in a name that is usually a bot but this time it's real and I've hit the cancel account button too fast, I'm doing these in groups of 50 as it will allow so it happens.

Also I'm sure you noticed a slowness in updates, a lot of personal things were going on and the worst one was the loss of a family member, my grandfather. I've been working hard to catch up again though so hopefully next month won't be so slow!



My condolences on the loss of your grandmother.

On an unrelated note have you ever thiught of employing kne of those captcha utilities to block the bots?


Here There Be Monsters is back, awesome! \o/

I always check here, but then, I only finally got around to actually setting up a login name here today. >.> I started reading CtV back on Drunk Duck, and when there was a big kerfuffle with it and things disappeared I was very sad. I didn't even find this website until last year, somehow and was overjoyed when I finally did - and somehow never remembered to set up so I could comment.

I didn't feel pressured, but your comment about comments did remind me I've been meaning to do this every time I come back to the website. So. ;) Here I am!

My condolences on your loss.

~Kalira, Queen of Creative Deaths

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